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The Lego Movie

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An ordinary Lego mini-figure, mistakenly thought to be the extraordinary MasterBuilder, is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil Lego tyrant from gluing the universe together.

Title : The Lego Movie

Year : 2014

Runtime : 100

Release Dates: 2014-02-07


Actors :

Will ArnettasBatman / Bruce Wayne (voice)
Elizabeth BanksasWyldstyle / Lucy (voice)
Craig BerryasBlake / Additional Voices (voice)
Alison BrieasUnikitty (voice)
David BurrowsasOctan Robot / Additional Voices (voice)
Anthony DanielsasC-3PO (voice)
Charlie DayasBenny (voice)
Amanda FarinosasMom (voice)
Keith FergusonasHan Solo (voice)
Will FerrellasLord Business (voice) / President Business (voice) / The Man Upstairs
Will ForteasAbraham Lincoln (voice) (as Orville Forte)
Dave FrancoasWally (voice)
Morgan FreemanasVitruvius (voice)
Todd HansenasGandalf / Additional Voices (voice)
Jonah HillasGreen Lantern (voice)
Jake JohnsonasBarry (voice) (as Jake Johnson)
Keegan-Michael KeyasForeman Jim (voice)
Kelly LaffertyasLord Business' Assistant (voice)
Chris McKayasLarry the Barista / Additional Voices (voice)
Graham MillerasDuplo (voice)
Liam NeesonasBad Cop/ Good Cop / Pa Cop (voice)
Doug NicholasasSurfer Dave / Additional Voices (voice)
Shaquille O'NealasShaq (voice)
Nick OffermanasMetal Beard (voice)
Chris PaluszekasRobot Foreman (voice)
Chris PrattasEmmet Brickowski (voice)
Chris RomanoasJoe (voice)
Jadon SandasFinn
Cobie SmuldersasWonder Woman (voice)
Melissa SturmasGail / Ma Cop (voice)
Jorma TacconeasShakespeare / Additional Voices (voice)
Channing TatumasSuperman (voice)
Chris MillerasTV Presenter (voice)
Billy Dee WilliamsasLando (voice)
Leiki VeskimetsasVoice of Computer (voice)

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