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Jupiter Ascending

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In a universe where human genetic material is the most precious commodity, an impoverished young Earth woman becomes the key to strategic maneuvers and internal strife within a powerful dynasty…

Title : Jupiter Ascending

Year : 2015

Runtime : 124

Release Dates: 2015-02-27


Actors :

Mila KunisasJupiter Jones
Channing TatumasCaine
Sean BeanasStinger
Eddie RedmayneasBalem
Douglas BoothasTitus
Tuppence MiddletonasKalique Abrasax
Nikki Amuka-BirdasDiomika Tsing
Christina ColeasGemma Chatterjee
Nicholas A. NewmanasNesh
Ramon TikaramasPhylo Percadium
Ariyon BakareasGreeghan
Maria Doyle KennedyasAleksa
Frog StoneasAunt Nino
David AjalaasIbis
DooNa BaeasRazo
Gugu Mbatha-RawasFamulus
Terry GilliamasSeal and Signet Minister
Vanessa KirbyasKatharine Dunlevy
James D'ArcyasMaximilian Jones
Simon DuttonasTskalikin
Spencer WildingasFalque
Demi KazanisasAbrasax Alien
Kick GurryasVladie
Tim Pigott-SmithasMalidictes
Charlotte BeaumontasKiza
Neil FingletonasSargon / Greegan
Jeremy SwiftasVasilliy Bolodnikov
Katherine CunninghamasDebutante
Luke NealasRoyal guard
Dilyana BouklievaasTest subject
Edward HoggasChicanery Night
Jozef AokiasCommonwealth
Tamela D'AmicoasPlinth
Kara Lily HayworthasTitus Handmaiden
Tim ConnollyasTrigger
Alexandra FraserasPeacock Hybrid
Charlotte RickardasSynth
Hazel D'JanasShiro Miku
Eric IanasZoe
Derek BlankenshipasShawn
Symara A. TemplemanasAegis Crew
Ekaterina ZalitkoasCyber Beauty
Sharon ColemanasPedistrian
Georgia WintersasHandmaiden
Mark NorrisasServant
Edd OsmondasDroid
Jon NorrisasServant
Elina AlminasasRobot Servant
Andy AhrensasDante Rothemere
Jermaine TindellasLime Orism
Karen AndersonasDroid
Vander McLeodasKalique Gene Tech
Thomas GaitschasWalker Dunlevy
Oleg NasobinasZeno
Sarah CampbellasGynaecological Nurse
Olia KleinasRussian Refugee
Kenny KnightasTest subject
Rimmel DanielasRoyal Guard
Nathan GeistasChicago Pedestrian (uncredited)
Raiden IntegraasChicago Pedestrian (uncredited)
Ryan Browning JohnsonasChicago Pedestrian (uncredited)
Clem SoasKalique Coder (uncredited)
Sarah CrowdenasBureaucrat

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