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A chronicle of the life of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic runner who was taken prisoner by Japanese forces during World War II.

Title : Unbroken

Year : 2014

Runtime : 137

Release Dates: 2014-12-25


Actors :

Jack O'ConnellasLouis Zamperini
Domhnall GleesonasRussel Allen 'Phil' Phillips
Garrett HedlundasJohn Fitzgerald
Takamasa IshiharaasMutsuhiro 'The Bird' Watanabe
Finn WittrockasFrancis 'Mac' McNamara
Jai CourtneyasHugh 'Cup' Cuppernell
Maddalena IschialeasLouise Zamperini
Vincenzo AmatoasAnthony Zamperini
John MagaroasFrank A. Tinker
Luke TreadawayasMiller
Louis McIntoshasLt. William Harris
Ross AndersonasBlackie
C.J. ValleroyasYoung Louis
John D'LeoasYoung Pete
Alex RussellasPete Zamperini
Jordan Patrick SmithasCliff
Spencer LofrancoasHarry Brooks
Stephen J. DouglasasClarence Douglas
Marcus VancoasLambert
Dylan James WatsonasGreen Hornet Engineer
Ryan AhernasGlassman
Ross LangleyasMitchell
Michael WhalleyasStanley Pillsbury
Sophie DalahasVirginia
Morgan GriffinasCynthia Applewhite
Sean O'DonnellasBoy(s) (voice)
Ken WatanabeasOmori officer
Savannah LambleasSylvia Zamperini
Travis JefferyasJimmy
James McEneryasMarine at Airbase
Stephen StantonasBerlin Olympics Radio Announcer (voice)
Talia ManoasYoung Sylvia
Yutaka IzumiharaasRadio Tokyo Man
Hisa GotoasOmori guard
Hiroshi KasugaasNaoetsu Guard 1
Akira FujiiasJapanese Athlete
Chris ProctorasJames
Shinji IkefujiasJapanese Translator
Brodie HensonasBritish p.o.w
Shingo UsamiasCorporal Kono
Stefan MogelasSS Guard
Clay ZamperiniasTorch Bearer
Jess TerrellasAmerican POW
Sean-Ryan PetersenasBoy
Toby FullerasSpike Runner
Conor FogartyasAmerican POW
Jack MarshallasBully
Taki AbeasRadio Tokyo Man
Keiichi EnomotoasOmori Guard
Taka UematsuasKwajalein Guard
Yoji TatsutaasNaoetsu Guard 2
John Michael BurdonasMan in Stadium
Ben RossbergasBritish POW Officer
Sean Edward FrazerasUS Officer p.o.w
Yoshinao AonumaasKwajalein Guard
James StorerasAmerican P.O.W.
Joel KnightsasBritish POW Officer
Kristopher BosasU.S. Officer P.O.W.
Katsu NojiriasOmori Guard
Matt HurleyasUS Officer P.O.W
Shane LeckenbyasBritish POW
Connor ClarkeasAmerican P.O.W
Steven CarnuccioasChurch Attendee
Matthew CrockerasAustralian P.O.W
Connor ZegenhagenasBritish Soldier
Nicholas FarrisasOlympic Race Starter
Sarah AlisonasVirginia
Mathew HislopasAustralian POW
Matthew McConnellasAmerican P.O.W
Dougal WalkerasBritish POW
Jack AlcockasAmerican POW
Darren WyerasInfirmary p.o.w
Andy de LoreasInfirmary POW
Mitch ChristenasBritish POW (uncredited)
Matt ClaytonasUS Enlisted POW (uncredited)
Graeme FordasBritish P.O.W. (uncredited)
Darren GallagherasSoldier (uncredited)
Kent LeeasOlympic spectator / Japanese Olympic team member (uncredited)
Beau PaleyasAmerican POW (uncredited)
Craig WalkerasBerlin Olympics Spectator (uncredited)

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